MiX ReportMyDriving

Driver monitoring and accountability for your fleet


MiX ReportMyDriving

  • RMD - Decal
    Vehicles displaying a MiX ReportMyDriving decal are involved in 20% fewer accidents
  • RMD - Accident

    Reduce accidents and accident-related costs by as much as 50% by displaying the MiX ReportMyDriving decals

  • RMD - Accountability

    The MiX ReportMyDriving decal creates accountability, resulting in improved driver behaviour

  • RMD - Improved Driver Behaviour

    About 10% of the drivers with MiX ReportMyDriving decals on their vehicles will only ever receive 1 complaint

  • RMD - Problem Drivers

    MiX ReportMyDriving will help identify the 10% of problem drivers in order to reduce risk

    Why subscribe to

    MiX ReportMyDriving?

    The MiX ReportMyDriving solution allows companies in South Africa to hold their drivers accountable for their actions on the road.

    Other motorists become your ‘eyes on the road’ as they can report on any reckless or dangerous driving. Drivers who have the MiX ReportMyDriving decal on their vehicle become more aware, considerate and safer on the road because they know other road users have an easy way to report their actions, resulting in improved driver behaviour and a safer fleet.

    RMD Van - MiX Telematics

    MiX ReportMyDriving is an affordable and efficient way to identify high-risk drivers before they cost your company money. By mitigating your company’s risk on the road, you reduce expenses related to accidents, traffic fines, high insurance premiums and increased fleet maintenance.

    Furthermore, by identifying high-risk drivers, your company can provide additional training to them. In turn, drivers who behave safely on the road can receive recognition for being good drivers. By displaying the MiX ReportMyDriving sticker on your fleet vehicles, you show your customers and potential customers that you take your risk management responsibilities seriously.

    RMD Fuel Truck - MiX Telematics
    RMD Van - MiX Telematics

    Regardless of your fleet size, MiX ReportMyDriving will help you improve your drivers’ behaviour with the help of other road users. A simple, cost-effective service like this can help you manage your occupational road risk, reduce your accident-related costs and ultimately save your company money!

    How the

    MiX ReportMyDriving

    solution works

    MiX ReportMyDriving stickers (available in three different sizes) are placed on the back of your registered fleet vehicles.
    Motorists wishing to report a reckless driver or other driving incidents can either phone the 24/7 hotline number displayed on the sticker or log a report via the “Report a driving incident” form on this website.
    The low monthly service fee is dependent on your fleet size.
    Monthly reports are provided showing detailed incidents and driver trends.
    Access your data 24/7 via the secure web-based platform.
    Once an incident report has been logged, it is escalated to the driver’s manager or supervisor for them to take further action.
    • MiX ReportMyDriving gives you ‘eyes on the road’ as other motorists can report reckless/dangerous driving

    • MiX ReportMyDriving gives you ‘eyes on the road’ as other motorists can report reckless/dangerous driving

    • MiX ReportMyDriving gives you ‘eyes on the road’ as other motorists can report reckless/dangerous driving