Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the MiX ReportMyDriving solution for?

Regardless of the size of your fleet, MiX ReportMyDriving will help you improve your drivers’ behaviour through the feedback of other road users. MiX ReportMyDriving is for everyone, whether you have one vehicle, run a small fleet or if you have a large commercial fleet. Take a look at some of our client success stories, and see how we can help you manage your occupational road risk and reduce your accident related costs.

Why Subscribe to MiX ReportMyDriving?

The MiX ReportMyDriving solution is an affordable and efficient way to identify problem drivers before they cost your business money.

What are the benefits of the MiX ReportMyDriving service?

  • Manage and mitigate your business’ on-road risk
  • Change and improve the behaviour of your drivers
  • Identify drivers with persistently unsafe driving incidents
  • Reduce accidents and minimize accident-related costs
  • Minimizing the financial impact of vehicle insurance-related costs

  • Reduce the amount of traffic fines received by your drivers
  • Lower your fleet’s maintenance expenses
  • Protect your company’s brand and enhance your public image
  • Show that you take your risk management responsibilities seriously
  • Improve the safety of your fleet and drivers on the road
  • Contribute to safer roads!

Does the MiX ReportMyDriving solution actually work?

This type of monitoring service helps drivers become more accountable regarding their driving style. Drivers will be more aware, considerate and safer whilst behind the wheel, because they know that other road users have an easy way to report their actions. Driving behaviour thus improves, with vehicles involved in fewer accidents, drivers involved in fewer traffic infringements and your business saves money!
  • Client success stories
    Driver selling product illegally
    A motorist reported that a large truck with a trailer was parked at a taxi rank, where the driver was selling product off the back for cash. Upon investigation it was discovered that the driver was illegally selling the international brand hygiene products they were employed to transport. 90% of the load was recovered and the driver arrested.

    Illegal overtaking
    A motorist reported a vehicle overtaking on a solid line on the R102 near Stanger. Upon investigation it was found that the driver had lost his toll card three weeks prior to the reported incident and was afraid to report it to the company. He couldn’t take the toll route and was therefore trying to make up time by driving fast and overtaking other cars on an alternative route so he could bypass the tolls.

    Fuel theft
    A motorist in Bloemfontein reported an incident of two smaller vehicles offloading diesel from a tanker, with photographs as supporting evidence. The MiX ReportMyDriving control room arranged for the police and a private security company to intercept the vehicles at the offloading point. The fuel was recovered and the suspects arrested.

    Vehicle on fire
    A motorist reported that a company’s truck and trailer was being burnt by protestors en route to Polokwane. The MiX ReportMyDriving control room arranged for the police and fire brigade to go to the scene. They managed to save the trailer but the truck was badly damaged.

    Vehicle blocking an entrance
    A driver had parked the company’s vehicle in front of someone private property, blocking the entrance to the premises. The owner of the property reported the incident, which was quickly rectified after the MiX ReportMyDriving control room alerted the driver to move the vehicle.

    Good and courteous driving
    A motorist phoned the MiX ReportMyDriving hotline to compliment a company’s driver for being courteous to other road users and driving well. The driver of the large truck was keeping a safe following distance and consistently adhering to the speed limit of 80 km/h.